Hydro Flow / Netafim Techline EZ .9 GPH Flow - 18 in Dripper Spacing - 1,000 Ft Coil

Hydro Flow / Netafim Techline EZ   .9 GPH Flow - 18 in Dripper Spacing - 1,000 Ft Coil
Hydro Flow®, Manufactured by Netafim. Techline® EZ Drip tubing - one coil, two fittings, less than one hour installation. It's the simplest solution for small sites. Netafim's Techline® EZ is a 12mm inner diameter dripline for on-surface looped systems that installs fast, saves water and 'disappears' into the landscape. Manufactured with flexible UV resistant tubing from post-consumer recycled polyethylene. Netafim's Techline® EZ provides flow rates from 0.26 GPH – 0.9 GPH. Techline EZ Emitters have an Anti-Siphon Feature which prevents ingestion of debris into tubing caused by vacuum. Emitter insert spacing is available in 6, 12 and 18 inches distances. Use our Hydro Flow® by Netafim EZ Dripline’s, along with Hydro Flow® by Netafim 12 mm fittings to complete your next small project.

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