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Safer 3in1 GardenSpray Con 1 gal

Multi-purpose formulation for the control of mites, insects, and fungus. Can be used on roses, flowe..


Safer BIONEEM Insecticide & Repellent 16oz

The Safer® Brand BioNEEM® Insecticide and Repellent concentrate works as a powerful insect killer an..


Safer Brand Sticky Houseplant Stakes, pack of 7

Keep your potted plants free of annoying pests with this powerful pesticide-free houseplant insect k..


Safer Caterpillar Killer 16oz Concentrate

Safer® Brand Caterpillar Killer II with B.t. (Bacillus thuringiensis var. Kurstaki) is an effective ..


Safer Caterpillar Killer w/ BT 1 Gal Concentrate

This pest control product is very effective in killing caterpillars and worms, including corn earwor..


Safer Diatomaceous Earth Insect Killer 4lb

This organic pest control formula is ideal as a bed bug killer or for killing ants, earwigs, cockroa..


Safer End All Insect Killer 32oz RTU

Safer® Brand End ALL is for use on ornamentals, trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and house..


Safer Garden Fung Conc 16oz

This easy to use concentrate is ideal for controlling and preventing powdery mildew, black spot, lea..


Safer Insect Kill Soap Con 1G

The Safer® Brand insect killing soap utilizes the power of potassium salts of fatty acids (insectici..


Safer Insect Killing Soap 16oz Conc

This OMRI®-listed and compliant for use in organic gardening formula kills a variety of soft bodied ..


Safer Insect Soap&Pyrethin 1 G

Best used for:Killing hard and soft bodied insects. Effective for aphid control, mealybug control, l..


Safer Insecticidal Soap 32 oz.

This specially formulated insecticidal soap kills insects safely and has no unpleasant odor. Use for..