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Orcon 1500 Live ladybugs

Ladybugs are the gardener's favorite friend. While they look friendly, each one can devour up to 50 ..


Orcon 2 LIVE Pray Mantids Eggs

Praying Mantids (Tenodera sinensis) are probably the most fun of all the beneficial insects. They wi..


Orcon Beneficial Nematodes Mail-Back

These microscopic organisms destroy pests that live underground. They will seek out and destroy more..


Orcon Cryptolaemus Mail-Back

Cryptolaemus are often called inMealybug Destroyersin because of their voracious appetite for Mealyb..


Orcon Delphastus Pusillus Mail-Back

Delphastus is a small, shiny, black beetle, about one quarter the size of a ladybug, which feeds on ..


Orcon Earthworms Mail-Back

Earthworms (Red Wrigglers/Eisenia fetida) help keep the soil loose - they're Mother Nature's very ow..


Orcon Encarsia Formosa Mail-Back

The Encarsia formosa is a parasite of the greenhouse whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum, a pest of ..


Orcon Green Lacewings Mail-Back

The natural enemy of many species of pests, insects and mites, the Green Lacewings are shipped as eg..


Orcon Predatory Mites Mail-Back

Predatory mites are adult mites that seek out and kill pest mites, particularly the common spider mi..


Orcon Trichogramma Mail-Back

Trichogramma is an effective destroyer of caterpillars (which are leaf eaters in the larvae stage) a..