Future Harvest

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Future Harvest Grow Boss - Nutrient Monitor

The Nutradip GrowBoss is a nutrient monitoring system that assists growers in achieving maximum resu..


Future Harvest Nutradip Nutrient Meter EC Dual Power AC DC

Nutradip Nutrient Meters are the reliable way to measure the strength of your gardens nutrient suppl..


Future Harvest Nutradip pH Meter Dual Power AC DC

Nutradip pH Meter is a continuous monitoring pH meter with automatic temperature compensation and DC..


Future Harvest Nutradip pH Replacement Probe

Nutradip pH Probes are the reliable way to measure acidity in your nutrient solution. The pH Probe i..


Nutradip Grow Boss TDS Replacement Probe

The GrowBoss Nutrient probe does double duty. This probe measures TDS while auto sensing temperature..